The Black Butte Beauties at
Black Butte Ranch
October 14, 2011
Dianne went to Lynne's, and rode in Lynne's car.
Shari came in last night and stayed with Barb.
Roxan picked up Jean and they drove to Barb's house, then they all used Barb's car.
We met at Linda's house between 8:30 and 9:00-ish.

Linda's Car: Linda,??
Lynne's Car: Lynne, Shari, Dianne
Barb's Car: Barb,??

Breakfast at the pancake place in Salem, of course.

On this side of Detroit Lake we all stopped along the road so that Shari could take a walk in the woods.

When we arrived at BB and checked in, our house was not ready so we went into Sisters.

When we returned to get our keys, Santa was there!!! He told us that the liquor store closes at 2:00, which elicited quite a reaction. Santa gave Jean a "You were caught being good" coin.

First stop: liquor store, where we bought a lot more than we drank.
Next: made shopping list, then stopped at Produce Stand and Ray's Market

The house, SM194, seems smaller than it looked online. The online slide show looked as though it was two stories -- actually, all three bedrooms were on one floor, and there was a small loft above the great room.

Dinner: the usual stuff: clam dip, cheese ball, 'Texas Caviar', pico de gallo, pate. We had a nice large selection of crackers and chips. Lynne made 'sorta cosmopolitans' and we ate outdoors on the deck.

It was Beautiful! weather.

In the evening we visited, did Skype with Mike and Emi, watched Lizzy's 'Queens of Country' trailer, played on computers, did Skype with Jean's dog friend Denise, and Shari did lots of tequila shots. We now know why Joe gives Linda tequila .. it seems to be invigorating and relaxing, all at once. Shari loves us! She kept saying 'I love you guys', which became a catch phrase for the rest of the weekend.

Jean has Ahh Bras, and really likes them. It seems as though she has made converts.

Our notes say 'La Bree - look it up'. Does anyone remember the context of 'la bree'?

Saturday, October 15, 2011 First thing in the morning, Linda started the 'A Stitch in Time' puzzle.

Barb, Linda, Rox, and Jean hiked to Wizard Falls, except that there were no Wizard Falls; they went to Camp Sherman; they went to Metolias Resort.

Lynne, Shari, and Dianne stayed at Black Butte and went to lunch at the lodge. The plan was to get some salmon for Shari. Shari and Lynne split a Pastrami Ruben with fries, and a grilled Salmon Cobb Salad. Lynne had a really good blended wine. Dianne had spinach salad with grilled apple slices as garnish.

We all arrived back at the house at about the same time and dinner was started.

While dinner cooked, we watched the movie 'Bridesmaids'. It was kinda raunchy, but had a lotta laughs.

Dinner: hand-made chile with locally-purchased ingredients and corn bread.

Sunday, October 16, 2011 Everyone except Dianne went on a 6.9-ish mile hike around nearly the whole perimeter of the ranch. (Dianne is having troubles with her left hip and right knee.) We made reservations for a 7:00 dinner at the Lodge.

Brunch after hike: Egg Slop made from last night's leftovers.

The next activity was shopping in Sisters. Shari, Lynne, and Dianne came home first, and the others shopped a little longer.

We finished the puzzle.         Puzzle Pictures

At 6:00 we telephoned the Lodge to see whether we could come to dinner early. We could, so we did. Five of us had the Steelhead dinner; Linda had chicken; Barb had three side dishes: crab cakes, risotto, and fingerling spuds with arrugula. We were home at about 8:30.

This evening Linda taught us Chicken Foot dominoes. Lynne had the fewest points, Dianne had the most (the object was to have as few points as possible). The members of the group were overtaken with a strange speech afliction that caused them to talk funny, y'all.

Monday, October 17, 2011 Linda had a meeting today, so she had to leave early. When we woke this morning there was a message from her written in our Journal: "7:00 AM Monday. Bye Ladies. I love you all & had a wonderful time! Murr"

We watched the movie 'Horrible Bosses' this morning. It is definitely a "guy movie".

We left the house at 11:50 a.m.

We went into Sisters and had a big lunch at The Gallery.

From there we went home.

The cost was $208.66 each for six of us. Shari paid airline fare.