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Photos of Melissa

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Melissa in Mom's old dress June 26, 2002

My Mom has had this dress for a lot of years, and it has served her well on vacations in hot and humid climes. She gave it to Melissa, who wore it on a hot and humid day. It fits nicely.
Melissa on Mother's Day May 12, 2002

Mother's Day.
Melissa in her long sweater April 22, 2002

It is so exciting that Melissa really is looking pregnant. Yesterday she wore this sweater to a friend's baby shower, and looked pregnant.
Melissa's tummy April 22, 2002

Melissa's Tummy
Melissa's Porpoise Tattoo April 22, 2002

Melissa's Porpoise Tattoo.
These guys are going to be whales in a short time.
Melissa, the Patriots fan. February 3, 2002

On Super Bowl Sunday, Melissa painted the Patriots logo on her cheek. Because she did this, the Patriots won the Super Bowl, beating the Rams 20-17.

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