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This section of my site contains links to other genealogy and quilt sites, as well as information about, and links to, other things that are important to me.
Genealogy Links
Haworth Association of America -- My great-great-great grandmother was Mahalath Haworth, who married William Wilson Payne on 23 February 1832.
Wilcox    |    Doty   |    Brown -- In February, 2000, I decided that I needed to jump on the Internet bandwagon and have a Web page. Beginning with Wilcox, these were my first adventures in Web Publishing. The information on these AOL sites has been included on this site.
Bible Records Online -- Tracy St. Clair purchases Family Bibles that she finds on the Internet and in antique stores, transcribes the genealogical information, and posts it on her site. If she has found your family's Bible, you may purchase it from her at her cost. This undertaking is a lot of work for her, and I have a great deal of respect for what she is doing for the rest of us.
Caleb Johnson's -- Caleb Johnson's site has in-depth information about the Mayflower, it's passengers, and their lives. There is also information at the site to debunk some of the Mayflower myths.

Quilt Links
Milwuakie Center Quilt Show -- I have been involved with this Quilt Show since 1998. This link will take you to the Web site of our next show, and from there you may access the sites for past shows.
Northwest Quilters -- I joined NWQ in May, 2001, and was almost immediately encouraged to redesign and take over maintanance of their Web site.

Personal Links
Brian Cutler -- Brian Cutler is a friend of mine.
Dan Anderson Karate -- I have been studying American Freestyle Karate since February, 1987.
My HTML Class -- My Family History site came into being as a result of the HTML classes that I took beginning Fall Term, 2000. This link will take you to some of the work I did for the classes.
Star Date Online -- When I was just a little girl, my father taught me to recognize a few constellations. After living around city lights for most of my adult life, I moved to a rural area a few years ago. With my new, darker skies, I began studying the stars and learning more constellations; however, the light pollution has now caught up with me. The Star Date site has lots of information about the stars and constellations.

Other Links
  The Breast Cancer Site
For Aunt Peg, Aunt Ibby,
Shari, Darlene, and Lisa
The Hunger Site  
The Rain Forest Site

I built this site from scratch for a class at
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