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Hello, and Welcome to my Family History web site. My name is Dianne Pollock McRae, and I have been interested in Family History for most of my life. Through default, my family has come to consider me the family historian; with this site I hope to be able to share bits and pieces of that history with others -- to share Leaves From My Family Tree.

Fortunately, I come from a long line of ancestors who were also interested in Family History. The information that was collected by previous generations, and has been passed down to me, indicates that we are descended from Edward Doty, of the Mayflower; from the Haworth family, which arrived on these shores in 1699; and from the extended family of President James K. Polk.

My direct line:

Amey, Bever/Beaver, Bretz, Brown, Clark, Clawson, Dillon, Doty, Fulton, Grieve, Habermann, Harper, Haworth, Henderson, Knox, Lang, McCampbell, Payne, Pollock, Preutz, Reed, Richie/Ritchie, Simpson, Talbott, Trump, Vinyard, Wilcox, Wood, Wright.

Photo Gallery

All of the photographs on the site, both people and quilts, can be found in the Photo Gallery, with links to the pages where they are featured. I have included photos of some of my ancestors and photos of some of my antique quilts.

Family Traditions

This section contains a few of the Family Traditions we have observed at Holiday times over the years and generations.

Some of the information on this site is Family Tradition;
some of it has been documented.
If you have any questions, please e-mail me.

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