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In 1991, after my grandmother died, I was given a five-generation descendancy tree of the Talbott family. I had never seen it before, so I don't know where or when my grandmother came to own it.

The chart is approximately 22 inches by 26 inches, it has "Moss Eng. Co., 535 Pearl St., N.Y." centered on the bottom edge, and the "Family Tree" is growing out of a hill overlooking a river and perhaps a small town or factory.

The tree begins with "Joseph Talbott married Mary Burket" on the trunk, and their children and descendants are the branches and leaves of the tree.

Photo of the Talbott Family Tree

A side-note to this is that I noticed the name "Pancoast" in the upper left corner of the chart. I mentioned it to the Pancoast family who lived on the next block, whom we knew through school and scouts. We discovered that I am related by marriage to my neighbors -- cousins many generations and a couple of hundred years removed.

My direct line, taken from the branches of the Talbott/Burket Family Tree Chart:

  • Joseph Talbott
  • married Mary Burket
    • John Talbott   -   b. 26.11.1735 - d. 14.6.1809
    • married Mary Elizabeth Johns
      • Samuel Talbott   -   b. 1772
        • James Talbott
          • Hannah Talbott
          • married Aaron Doty
Continuing "off the chart":

  • Martha Etta Doty    -  b. 26 Oct 1865 - d. 8 Dec 1915
  • married David Sturrock Brown    -   b. 26 Mar 1857 - d. 24 Mar 1942
    • Mildred Knox Brown    -   b. 16 Aug 1898 - d. 20 Feb 1991
    • married Dean Pollock    -   b. 9 June 1897 - d. 22 Apr 1971
      • Richard Wayne Pollock    -   b. 24 Apr 1924 - d. 24 Dec 1985
      • married -Living-
        • Dianne Lynn Pollock
        • married -Living-

My Grandmother told me once that her grandmother, Hannah Talbott Doty, was of Quaker ancestry, and used the words "thee" and "thou" sometimes.

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Talbott Siblings

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