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My grandmother, Mildred "Pip" Knox Brown Pollock, gave me a family manuscript many years ago; it gives details of how our family came from Lesmehagow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, in 1832, and lists the descendants of our ancestors, James Brown and Janet Jamieson, and tells about their migrations.

I believe that the manuscript may have been sent to my grandmother in 1966 by a cousin or aunt in Canada. I have no idea who did the reasearch or who wrote the paper.

The copy I have is a photcopy of a mimeograph. If you have a copy of this in your family files, please contact me.

Click here to read the "Historical Sketches" manuscript.

My Direct Line From James Brown and Janet Jamieson:
James Brown James Brown was born in Scotland, and married Janet Jamieson, who was also born in Scotland
William Brown William Brown was born in Scotland, married Ann Simpson, came to North America in 1832, and died 1 May 1833 in Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada.
John Simpson Brown John Simpson Brown was my great-great grandfather. He was born in Scotland, and married Margaret Knox. Click here for a photograph of Margaret Knox Brown.
David Sturrock Brown David Sturrock Brown was my grandmother's father. He was born 26 March, 1857 in Chesterfield, Oxford, Ontario, Canada, and became a US citizen on 23 October 1894. He married Martha Etta Doty on August 12, 1897 in Kimball, South Dakota, and died March 24, 1942 in Portland, Oregon.
Mildred "Pip" Knox Brown Pollock "Pip" was my grandmother. She was born in Kimball, South Dakota on 16 August 1898. On 29 June 1923, in Tacoma, Washington, she married Dean Pollock. They had two children. She died 20 February 1991 in Portland, Oregon. College Photo
Pip was given her nickname because her younger sister, Margaret (Peg) could not say "sister" - it came out "pipper".

Some of the information on this site is Family Tradition;
some of it has been documented.
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Brown Manuscript David S. Brown Margaret Knox Brown Siblings Photos Sources

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