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David Sturrock Brown

David Sturrock Brown was born 26 March 1857 in Chesterfield, Ontario, Canada, one of five children born to John Simpson Brown and Margaret Knox Brown.

David Sturrock Brown
He became a Presbyterian minister.

The written Declaration of Intention to become a United States citizen was made in Genesee County, New York, on 8 September 1892, and he received his final naturalization papers from Wyoming County, New York on 23 October 1894.

Brown Family group photo, probably taken about 1895.

David S. Brown's first marriage was to Helen Rosamond Brown; it ended in divorce on 23 May, 1896. His standing in the community was not harmed by this action -- a document attesting to his character was signed in Pike, Wyoming County, New York, by at least 32 people, including the pastors of three other churches.

The custody of their child, Beatrice E. Brown, was awarded to David. When she was older, she went to live with her Aunt Anne Brown in Massachusettes.

On 12 August 1897, David Sturrock Brown married Martha Etta Doty in Kimball, South Dakota. The marriage was witnessed by the bride's parents, Aaron Doty and H.A. (Hannah Amanda) Doty of Kimball, SD. The minister who performed the ceremony, Dr. Harlan P. Carson, was a family friend.

David and Martha Doty Brown had two children, Mildred "Pip" Knox Brown (born 16 August 1899 in Kimball, South Dakota), and Margaret "Peg" Amanda Brown (born 17 February 1904 in Parkston, South Dakota). The same minister who performed the marriage ceremony, Dr. Carson, baptized both of the daughters.

Photo of a family Christmas in about 1900.

The family moved to Kadoka, South Dakota in about 1906. They took the train to the end of the existing rail line, then took a wagon to Kadoka. Until the railroad actually reached Kadoka, the family lived in a sod house; when the railroad arrived, and they knew exactly where the town would be developing, they built a house. Rev. Brown was a Presbyterian missionary to the Sioux while they lived in South Dakota.

Photos from that time period.

In 1915, while the family was living in Outlook, Washington, Martha Etta Doty Brown died.

David married Nellie Wilcox in about 1920. They traveled a lot, and I have an applique fabric banner that Family Tradition indicates they brought home from Egypt when they visited King Tut's tomb in 1925.

If the banner is, indeed, from a trip in 1925, they must have visited Egypt at least twice, because a manifest from the ship Arabic indicates that they sailed from Alexandria, Egypt on 14 February 1922, arriving back in New York on 6 March 1922.

David and Nellie lived in Tacoma for a time, and the marriage ceremony for daughter Pip was in their home. Family Tradition suggests that the "Mr Brown" from whom our DS Brown bought the Tacoma house was the "Brown" of Brown & Haley chocolates.

David's daughter "Pip" married Dean Pollock on 29 June 1923, and they had two children. his daughter "Peg" married Clarence Cochran. They didn't have any children.

David Sturrock Brown died on 24 March 1942 in Portland, Oregon.

Brown Manuscript David S. Brown Margaret Knox Brown Siblings Photos Sources

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