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The only source I have for my ancestor's arrival in North America from Scotland, other than Family Tradition, is the mimeographed Historical Sketches manuscript that is part of this site. Part of the information in the manuscript is backed up by other research which shows that New York and other major cities had a cholera epidemic in 1832.

For immigration into the United States from Canada, please see the individual entries.

David Sturrock Brown

Birth      26 Mar 1857

My source for his birth date is a post card that he sent to my Grandmother when she wrote to him and asked his birth date. He replied that he was born "March 26th MDCCCLVII".


The sources for his citizenship are copies of documents owned by my aunt (his granddaughter). He made his written Declaration of Intention in Genesee County, New York, on 8 September 1892, and received his final naturalization papers from Wyoming County, New York on 23 October 1894. He was living at 3708 North 34th, Tacoma, Washington, at the time.


The documentation for his marriage to Martha Etta Doty on 12 August 1897 is a photocopy of a Certified Copy of Marriage License that was given to me by their daughter (my Grandmother), Mildred Knox Brown Pollock. The marriage was witnessed by Martha's parents, Aaron Doty and H.A. (Hannah Amanda) Doty of Kimball, SD. The minister who performed the ceremony, Dr. Harlan P. Carson, was a family friend. Years later he baptized the children, Mildred and Margaret.

Other Marriages:

  • Helen Rosamond Brown -- divorce documentation: papers from the Supreme Court, Wyoming County, New York; papers owned by my aunt. Divorced 23 May 1896.
  • Nellie Wilcox -- no documentation. They reportedly did a lot of traveling; I have an appliqued tapestry that they brought back from Egypt in 1925.


  • Egypt, 1922: ship's manifest from the White Star line's ship R.M.S. Arabic. Page 0207, Line 1 (
    They sailed from Alexandria, Egypt, on 14 Feburary 1922, arriving in New York on 6 March 1922. Ship's Master: William Marshall.

Mildred Knox Brown

Birth      16 August 1898

Certificate of Birth; delayed birth ctf issued 17 February 1942. Copy owned by Dianne McRae.

Birth Affidavit from the Department of State, Passport Office. Pip's copy now owned by Dianne McRae.
Pip was denied a passport in 1966, so had to have her cousin, Mae H. McCrery, fill out a Birth Affidavit. The text of her affidavit is:

On August 18, 1898, Mildred Pollock's father, the Reverend David S. Brown, met me at the train at Kimball, South Dakota, where I lived, and took me to see his two-day-old daughter at his home in Kimball. Mildred's mother was my Aunt, the former Etta Doty. I have visited Mildred in Oregon and she has visited me in Florida. We have kept in touch by correspondence. (Signed) Mae H. McCrery. 28 November 1966.

Brown Manuscript David S. Brown Margaret Knox Brown Siblings Photos Sources

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