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William Wilson Payne
Mahalath Haworth Payne
James HHe was born 6 May 1833, and died 14 Nov 1871.
On 6 Jan 1859, he married Sarah H. Lowry in Dallas County, Iowa.
They had at least two children, Newton and Hannah J.
His second marriage was to Elizabeth O'Neil on 27 Feb 1870, in Dallas County, Iowa.
RuthRuth was my great-great-grandmother.
Her death certificate states that she was born 2 Feb 1836 in (Vermillion County) Illinois, though I have recently read someone's Internet reference to her being born in 1837 in Indiana. (See: Sources) She died 6 April 1922 in Centralia, Washington.
She married Joseph Bever in Dallas County, Iowa on 21 Feb 1861.
They had six children.
Some of her descendants still live in Centrailia, Washington.
MinervaShe was born 28 Jan 1838.
She married John Wesley Todd on 12 (March or April) 1860 in Dallas County, Iowa.
Tilghman Howard He was born 1 Mar 1841, and died 30 Aug 1865.
He married Nancy Jane Gillman on 2 Oct 1861.
They had at least one child, Edward.
(Tilghman's middle name is from a handwritten notation in the Haworth book.)
EdwardHe was born 23 Apr 1843, and died 24 Jul 1863.
"Edward entered the volunteer service August 1862, and died on a hospital ship on the Mississippi River. He rests in a soldiers grave at Napoleon, Arkansas."
AaronHe was born 2 Sept 1845, and died 19 Sept 1845.
WilliamHe was born 10 Jun 1847.
He had a twin sister who died that same day.
On 31 Dec 1868, he married Martha E. Rhinard in Dallas County, Iowa.
They had at least four children.
ThurzaThurza was born 2 Jan 1849, and died 27 May 1851 or 1857.
HenryHe was born 17 Aug 1851, and died 2 Sept 1851 or 1857.
NewtonHe was born 30 Oct 1853, and died 26 Aug 1854.

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Payne William Wilson Payne Siblings Photos Sources

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