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Talbott Brothers and Sisters

The first four generations on this page are extracted from the
Talbott/Burket Family Tree Chart.

The remaining generations are from my own information.

Children of Joseph Talbott and Mary Burket
John TalbottHe was my 5x great-grandfather.
Born 26 nov 1735.
Married Mary Elizabeth Johns.
They had thirteen children.
Died 14 June 1809.
Daniel TalbottBorn 4 March 1738.
Married Elizabeth Ward.
Mary TalbottBorn 2 December 1740.
Married William Morsell.
Ann TalbottBorn 3 June 1743.
Married John Ford and "Benton".
Rachel TalbottBorn 20 March 1746.
Married John Ward.
Joseph TalbottBorn 26 March 1749.
Married Anna Plummer.

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Children of John Talbott and Mary Elizabeth Johns
Benjamin TalbottBorn 14 May 1762.
Joseph TalbottBorn 1764.
John TalbottBorn 3 January 1766.
Elizabeth TalbottBorn 29 July 1767.
Married "Farquchar"?
Susanna Talbott ---
Ann TalbottBorn 8 May 1771.
Samuel TalbottHe was my 4x great-grandfather.
Born 1772.
Rachel Talbott ---
Peggy Talbott ---
Kinsey TalbottBorn 21 June 1778.
Mary TalbottBorn 3 January 1780.
Debora Talbott ---
Rebecca TalbottBorn 10 January 1784.
Married Joseph Hobson.       More ...

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Children of Samuel Talbott
James TalbottHe was my great-great-great grandfather.
He married Sarah.
Jane Talbott ---
Finley Talbott ---
John S. Talbott ---

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Children of James Talbott and Sarah.
These are the brothers and sisters of my great-great grandmother,
Hannah Amanda Talbott Doty.
John Talbott ---
Hannah Amanda TalbottShe was my great-great-grandmother.
She was born 26 March 1836 in Illinois.
In 1860, she married Aaron Doty in Polo, IL. They had five children: Sarah Nettie, Martha Etta, James "Burt" Talbott, Olive Mabel, and George A.E.
She died sometime after 1897.
Annetta Talbott ---
James Talbott ---
Samuel Talbott ---
Amelia Talbott ---
Oliver Talbott ---
I own five engraved spoons, one large and four small, that are engraved "M E T". When my grandmother gave them to me, she told me that they had belonged to "Grandmother Doty's sister", Mattie E. Talbott.

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Children of Hannah Amanda Talbott and Aaron Doty.
These are the brothers and sisters of my great-grandmother,
Martha Etta Doty Brown.
Sarah Nettie DotyBorn 18 June 1863 in Butler County, Iowa.
Married William Luther McCrery. They had two children, Mae Hannah and Emma.
Martha Etta DotyShe was my great grandmother.
She was born 26 October 1865 in Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa.
On 12 August 1897 She married David Sturrock Brown. They had two children, Mildred Knox and Margaret Amanda.
She died 8 December 1915 in North Yakima, Yakima County, Washington.
James Talbott DotyHe was born 24 December 1868.
He was known to the family as "Burt".
Olive Mabel DotyShe was born 3 November 1872 in Butler County, Iowa.
She died 22 October 1878.
George A. E. Doty He was born 16 October 1877 in Butler County, Iowa.
He died 26 October 1878.

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Children of Martha Etta Doty and David Sturrock Brown
Mildred Knox BrownShe was my grandmother.
She was born 16 August 1898 in Kimball, Brule County, South Dakota.
On 23 June 1923 she married Dean Pollock. They had two children.
She died 20 February 1991 in Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.
Margaret Amanda BrownShe was born 17 February 1904 in Parkston, Hutchinson County, South Dakota.
She married Clarence Cochran, and they had no children.
She died in Hubbard, Marion County, Oregon on 12 May 1984.

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Some of the information on this site is Family Tradition;
some of it has been documented.
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Talbott Siblings

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