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Talbott Family Tree

Talbott Family Tree This is the Talbott Family Tree that I was given when my grandmother, Mildred "Pip" Knox Brown Pollock, died.

I had never seen it before, and my Aunt didn't remember ever seeing it either, so we don't know where Pip got it; I assume that it came from her mother, Martha Etta Doty Brown

Pip's grandmother, Hannah Amanda Talbott Doty, is among the youngest generation on the tree.

Hannah Talbott and Aaron Doty were married in 1860, so this tree was made after that time.

I had it framed, and it hangs on my office wall.
Joseph Talbott

Because Joseph Talbott is the paternal beginning of the people on the Family Tree, and this picture is in the bottom left of the Family Tree, this is probably an engraving of him.

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