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The following is from Mayflower Families Through Five Generations . . . Volume 11, Part II

Generation Person Number and Page
I Edward Doty person 1, page 1
II Samuel Doty person 5, page 6
III Samuel Doty person 30, page 14
IV John Doty person 166, page39
V Samuel Doty person 663, page 107

The following is from The Doty-Doten Family In America compiled by Ethan Allan Doty

Generation Person Person Number
I Edward Doty 1
II Samuel Doty 5
III Samuel Doty 3259
IV John Doty 3276
V Samuel Doty 3344
VI Cornelius Doty 3460, page 326
VII Elisha Doty 3807, page 381
VIII Aaron Doty 4829, page 454
IX Martha Etta Doty 6202, page 454

The following people are ones for whom I have documentation.

Generation Person Documentation
IX Martha Etta Doty Marriage License, Death Certificate
X Mildred Knox Brown Birth Certificate
XI Richard Wayne Pollock Birth Certificate, Death Certificate
XII Dianne Lynn Pollock Birth Certificate, Marriage License
XIII Ryan Robert McRae Birth Certificate
XIV Genevieve Eryn McRae Birth Certificate

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