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Doty Brothers and Sisters

The information for these generations is taken from the book:

The Doty-Doten Family in America
Descendants of Edward Doty,
An Emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620

compiled by Ethan Allen Doty
Published in 1897

The information includes the number given to each descendant by Ethan Allan Doty

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Cornelius Doty and Catharine Sutton
Cornelius (3460) was born in New Jersey, Sept. 1779 to Samuel Doty and Keturah. He married Catharine Sutton in Pennsylvania. The Suttons were an old and honorable family at Basking Ridge, New Jersey. Cornelius married again, wife unknown.
James (3806) Killed in 1833 in the Black Hawk War
Elisha (3807) Born 7 September 1806. See the next section, "Elisha Doty and Hannah Reed", for more about Elisha and his family.
  By Unknown Second Wife:
Cornelius (3808) Lived in Central Illinois, near Springfield
Samuel (3809) Was in the Army

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Elisha Doty and Hannah Reed
Elisha (3807) was born 7 September 1806 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. In 1829, in Peoria, Illinois, he married Hannah Reed. (Ancestry.com souces say marriage was 7 September 1830.) Hannah was born 1809 in Delaware County, New York. She died January 1843 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. At the time the Doty book was written (1897) Elisha was a farmer in Butlerville, Iowa.
Their children were born in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
Samuel ( 4826) Born 26 May 1831. Drowned in Buffalo Creek, July 10, 1841.
James (4827) Born 10 July 1832.
Cyrus (4828) Born 3 September 1834.
Aaron (4829) Born 8 January 1836. My Great-great grandfather. At the time the book was written, they lived in Kimball, South Dakota. Please click on the "Aaron Doty" button for more about him and his family.
Louisa (4830) Born 27 May 1837. She married Sylvester J Alden on 11 June 1857 in Buffalo Grove. Sylvester was born 28 May 1833 in Bradford County, PA and died 7 January 1865 in Savannah, Georgia. He was a member of 11th Regt., Iowa Volunteers, and died while in service to his country. They had one child, George D. Alden. She married (2) Lorenzo Clifford. They had three children, Abia, Vesta, and Charles V.
The above information about Louisa and her family was taken from the book The Doty-Doten Family in America - Descendants of Edward Doty, An Emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620, compiled by Ethan Allen Doty, Published in 1897.

Abia's great-grandson has written to me, and I have quoted his corrections below:

All four children were with Sylvester, and their birth-death dates are as follows:

George Doty (1858-1946)
Abia Frances (1859-1922)
Vesta Hannah (1861-1949)
Charles Ulysses (1864-1867)...was born not too long before Sylvester was drafted into the Union army in the summer of 1864.

Sylvester was with the 11th Iowa Infantry (as you indicated) on Sherman's march to the sea and died of typhoid fever shortly after the capture of Savannah. We have the letters he wrote during the march, and his last one, written Christmas Day 1864, where he reported feeling ill.

Louisa didn't marry Lorenzo Clifford until the 1870's and they had no children together. Lorenzo died in the early 1880's.

Another person researching the Doty family has added more information to the "mystery" of Louisa Doty, her husbands, and her children.

Louisa Doty Alden married Lorenzo Clifford on 4 June 1878, in Montour, IA (Tama Co IA GenWeb).

Two years later, the 1880 census lists them with 7 children:
      George Alden, age 22, who would have been Louisa's Son.
      Vesta Alden, age 18, who would have been Louisa's Daughter.
The following five children must have been Lorenzo's children from an earlier marriage:
      Lella M. Clifford, age 11
      Frederich Clifford, age 9
      Minnie J. Clifford, age 7
      Martha J. Clifford, age 5
      Ethel A. Clifford, age 3.
Lavinia (4831) Born 23 March 1839. Died August 1846.

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Aaron Doty and Hannah Amanda Talbott
Some of the information for this family is from Ethan Allen Doty's book, and some of it is from my research and from family stories. Please click on "Sources" for more details.

Aaron (4829) was the son of Elisha Doty (3807) and Hannah Reed. He was born 8 January 1836 in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. He married Hannah Amanda Talbott in 1860 in Polo, Illinois. Hannah was born in Polo, Illinois on 26 March 1836. She was the daughter of James Talbott and his wife, Sarah. At the time the book was published, (1897) Aaron and Hannah lived in Kimball, South Dakota.
Their children were born in Butler County, Iowa.

Sarah Nettie (6201) Born 18 June 1863. Married William Luther McCrery. They had two children, Mae Hannah McCrery and Emma McCrery. Mae never married; Emma married Christian Fisher Shirer on 2 September 1928, and (2) F. M. Barrus on 8 October 1957.
Mae compiled a wonderful book of essays that detailed her life from when she was a child on the prairie gathering "cow chips" for fuel, to when she was a senior citizen living in Florida. She titled her essays "From Cow Chips to Microwave." (One of my "someday" projects is to make bound copies of the book - with an index - so that all of the family members will be able to have one.) Mae died in November, 1978 in Dade City, Pasco County, Florida
My grandmother (Emma and Mae's cousin) told me that Emma did a lot of genealogy work, but nobody seems to know what happened to it. Emma died 10 April 1971 in Zephyrhills, Florida.
Martha Etta (6202) My Great-grandmother. Born 26 October 1865 in Clarksville, Butler County, Iowa. She married David Sturrock Brown on 12 August 1897 in Brule County, South Dakota. Died 8 December 1915 in North Yakima, Yakima County, Washington State.
James Talbott (6203) Born 24 December 1868.
"Uncle Burt" told my grandmother stories about the battle at Wounded Knee.
Olive Mabel (6204) Born 3 November 1872. Died 22 October 1878.
George A. E. (6205) Born 16 October 1877. Died 26 October 1878

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Some of the information on this site is Family Tradition,
and some of it has been documented.
If you would like more information, please e-mail me.

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