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Robert Alexander Henderson

Marriage      12 February 1863

Iowa, Davis Co. Vital Records;Marriages, Volumes A and B, 1844-1868;Volume B, page 25;FHL film 0968466

Re Marriage: please note that Family Tradition has marriage date as 12 Feb 1863. However, the official document shows license issued 11 Feb 1863 with both the marriage date and the filing date as 20 March 1863. I am going by the 12 Feb date because that is what has been passed down in the family, and it is my understanding that the 20 Mar date could be when the minister got around to doing the filing.

Marriage solumnized by Isaac C. Gregory, Elder

  • 1850 - Iowa - Davis Co - Page 286 - Dwelling 23, Family 23 - FHL Film 0007791

William Peyton Henderson

Birth      1 November 1866

Near Moulton or West Grove Iowa, Davis Co. (A note in his daughter's handwriting gives the birthplace as West Grove, Davis Co, Iowa)

Marriage      12 October 1891

"Lewis County Washington Newspaper Abstracts" Volume III 1890-1893. Compiled and offered for sale by: Ruby Simonson McNeill and Sharon Hunt Lyden. FHL files "Washington, Lewis Co. Newspapers" Number 1321411, Item 35.
p.16 - "BEVER, Minerva E. See: HENDERSON, WM.P./Bee - Oct 16, 1891"
p.75 - "HENDERSON, Wm.P. Bee - Fri Oct 16, 1891/MARRIAGE LICENSE:Wm.P. Henderson and Minerva E. Bever"

Two original newspaper clippings owned by Dianne McRae.
One was clipped from a newspaper in either Chehalis or Centralia Washington, in October, 1891. The other was most likely clipped from a newspaper in North Yakima, Washington, in October, 1891.

Photocopy of "Record of Marriages" from First Methodist Episcopal Church, Centralia, Washington. Copy owned by Dianne McRae. Original books owned by Church.

Minerva Elizabeth Bever Henderson's wedding band owned by Dianne McRae. It is engraved "MEH" on the inside, and is worn instead of my own wedding ring.

City Directories

Polk's Directory of Portland, Oregon   *
  • 1893 - Henderson Wm P, well driller, res 635 5th   (page 481, col 2)
  • 1912 - Henderson Wm P office 205 Couch Bldg, h 874 E Salmon   (p 114, col 1)
    • Note: Another Wm P Henderson is also listed: he is a salesman, boarding at 353 Sacramento.
  • 1924 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva) h874 E Salmon
  • 1925 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva) h874 E Salmon   (page 774)
  • 1926 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva) h874 E Salmon   (page 699)
  • 1927 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva E) h874 E Salmon   (page 747)
  • 1929 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva) h874 E Salmon (no occupation given) (page 823, col 1)
  • 1930 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva E) h874 E Salmon
    1930 - Henderson Eliz R student r874 E Salmon
  • 1931 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva E) h874 E Salmon
  • 1933 - Henderson Wm P (Minerva E) h873 E Main   (page 567, col 2)
    • Note:The reverse directory (page 1815, col 1) shows that the Harold B. Black family was living at 862 E Salmon. The Black children, Preston and Vernabelle, were life-long friends of my Mom's.
  • 1937 - Henderson Minerva E (wid Wm P) h2832 SE Salmon (Page 564, col 2)


  • 1915 - April 14 - Rented their garage, located "between Salmon and Main on 29th," to Multnomah County as a polling place. Receipt dated 24 March 1915 owned by Dianne McRae.
  • 1918 - March 22-26 - Auto trip from San Diego, CA to Los Angeles, CA and back to San Diego, CA. Map of route owned by Dianne McRae.
  • 1924 - May 23-31 - Auto trip from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR. Journal is owned by Dianne McRae.

Death      14 April 1936

Copy of his will is owned by Dianne McRae.

*   Abbreviations for Polk's Directories:
   h = house
   r = rooms or resides

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