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Ernest Herman Trump

Ernst Herman Trump

Ernest "Ernie" Herman Trump was born 26 January 1890 in Dane County, Wisconsin, the second of nine children born to Emil Trump and Emilie Marie Habermann Trump.

In 1896, when Ernie was six years old, his father, Emil Trump, and uncle, Herman Pruetz, went west to look for land and a new home.

The Trump family subsequently packed all of their belongings into a railroad boxcar and moved to the vicinity of Vancouver, Clark County, Washington .

In 1917, Ernest enlisted in the Army, ending up in the 101 Aerial Sqd. His WWI Journal begins with Monday, October 22, 1917 at Kelly Field in San Antonio, Texas. "Nothing unusal has happened, had muster today to sign up for our wool clothes. Guard duty tonight. Must sleep now."

His tour of duty, after he left Kelly Field, included stays in New York, Halifax, Le Harve, St Mafient, Issoudun, Jorac, Pauillac, and then back to New York. While on duty in France he worked as an airplane mechanic.

Toward the end of the WWI Journal, when he was back in New York, are these entries:
"Wed April 16, 1919. Have a swelling back of my ear."
"Thurs April 17, 1919. Am in the mumps ward for 21 days."

The last entry in his Journal states "Tues May 20, 1919. Am discharged from hospital today noon."

One year later, on May 4, 1920, Ernest Trump married Ruth Wilcox Henderson.   PHOTO

Ruth and Ernie had three children, the first of whom lived only three days. A quilt made for the baby by Ruth's friends is part of my quilt collection.

Ruth once told me that Ernest was the kindest, gentlest man she had ever known.

Ernie worked for much of his career as an Electrician on the Union Pacific Rail Road.

He died on Mother's Day, 9 May 1965 at the age of 75 in Portland, Oregon.

Ruth Henderson Trump died 27 May 1983 at the age of 89.

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